passionate about people’s performance!

What We Do

We provide creative customised incentive solutions to help ENGAGE your staff and drive performance, while building loyalty to your brand and meeting your objectives – because ultimately Happy Staff = Happy Customers!

Sales Channel Incentive Programmes

Sales channel incentives are the BEST way to improve the performance of those people selling your product with whom you don’t have a direct relationship! You need them to be loyal to your brand, to promote it and to make your customer experience the first prize interaction you want it to be. We can help with solutions that will ensure these objectives are realised.

Reward & Recognition Programmes

Have you noticed how hard it is to motivate your staff these days? Reward and recognition programmes are one way of motivating employees to change key behaviours, to improve your company culture and to ensure everyone is performing at their best. We know how hard it is to get this right and we can help.

Performance Improvement Programmes

If you want your team hungry to meet their targets and to go the extra mile, then a tailor-made performance improvement programme is the ideal, high impact, results-oriented way to build bottom line profits. Call us if you want to know what works and what doesn’t.

Incentive Travel

Who doesn’t get inspired by the promise of a luxurious travel incentive trip, where every detail is taken care of, mind blowing experiences are the norm, and special memories are created – by your brand! We work with highly experienced travel partners to deliver the ultimate reward that creates memories that last a lifetime.